Industries - Mining

Industries - Mining

Our journeyman operators bring years of experience in the application of abrasion resistant linings and rock support coatings for the mining industry throughout the world. The high velocity spray application of Futura Rockguard provides an economical, proven alternative to conventional, labour-intensive shotcrete or screen & bolt applications.

Tested and supported by the Mining Industry Research Organization of Canada, this revolutionary plastic coating adheres tenaciously to rock surfaces and sets in seconds, bringing an end to high material handling and labour costs. Slurry pipes coated with high adhesion polyurethanes resist wear, corrosion and abrasion for extended operating life and reduced downtime. ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. mobile teams employ the most efficient, high-tech preparation methods and spray equipment, operating in the most difficult-to-access environments, to ensure unsurpassed quality and consistency in every mining application.

ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. is proud to be an approved agent for the following products...

  • Futura Rockguard Ground Support System manufactured by Futura Coatings Inc.
  • Abrasion resistant coatings & linings by Futura Coatings Inc.
  • Miroc Mineguard Rock Support System manufactured by Urylon Plastics Inc.

For your highly abrasive needs, our Liquid Coatings technicians are capable of applying both cured and uncured rubber compounds dependent upon requirements. With extensive experience lining of mining equipment such as ball mills, grinders, thickeners, floatation cells, cyclones, stators and much more, services are offered in our shop or on the job site.