Industries - Marine

Industries - Marine

The high cost of downtime associated with many marine vessels creates a demanding and dynamic environment for any coating applicator; ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. has repeatedly finished on schedule and within budget, without sacrificing quality or safety.

As an industry leader in specialized marine coatings ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. offers an extensive variety of surface preparation methods including high pressure water blasting and various abrasive blasting techniques. Given the delicate nature of marine ecosystems our employees are trained in various dust reduction and environmental protection techniques to ensure our systems are environmentally friendly.

ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. is one of the few companies in North America to use specialized plural component 100% solids polyurethanes and polyureas, which provide superior adhesion and abrasion resistance. Having completed many projects for various merchant marine companies and the Canadian Coast Guard, ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. has a history of superior service and quality assurance on every project.

  • cargo tanks
  • ballast tanks
  • deck cranes
  • potable water tanks
  • fuel tanks
  • ship hulls and decking

Clientele of ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. can rest assured that we are applying the latest technologies to mitigate their cost and downtime. Many of the coatings we utilize are cold curing and rapid curing, allowing for application during the cold winter months and in remote northern climates.