Industries - Construction

Industries - Construction

The high costs of infrastructural development, maintenance and repair have many municipalities searching for long-term, economical alternatives to traditional construction and reconstruction practices. For both new and existing installations, ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. implements solutions that stand the test of time. Our professionally trained crews employ extensive surface preparation and restoration techniques to ensure reliability and longevity on every project.

  • water towers & buildings
  • water and sewage plants
  • pipelines
  • containment systems
  • bridges

Snapset polyurethane interior and exterior coatings, approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and expertly applied, provide seamless, chemical-resistant, durable protection.

ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. has been approved by many different manufacturers to install their safety equipment, including tank fall-arrest systems.

With our new Liquid Coatings division, rubber coatings and/or inspection of new and existing linings are available, allowing our customers to feel comfortable with an all-inclusive lining provider.